What Makes Trap Music Appealing To Teens?

Trap Music,a subgenre of rap, has been all the rage these past few years, and if you’re wondering why it has gained a surprisingly good following among teens, ask no more. Trap Music has been around since the ‘90s, born in Southern United States, particularly gaining popularity in Atlanta. It is usually associated with brooding melodies, paired with the staple Roland TR-808 kick drums, and a cinematic, almost ‘noir’ feel in the string section.

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The trap movement initially blew up with its collaborations with EDM, or electronic dance music. The mixture of trap with EDM is often frowned upon by purist rappers who detest the idea of rap being associated with the club scene, but this has changed drastically in recent years.

While the lyrics are often dour, trap music’s appeal is in its gritty, realistic lyrical depiction of the harsh life in urban streets. Coupled with catchy, booming beats and synths, the honesty and “swag” of the writing has gotten the youth hooked, with many artists reaching global stardom.

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One of the more recent success stories in trap music are the Atlanta-based Migos, whose single “Bad and Boujee” has topped the billboard charts, as well as garnering more than 414 million views in Youtube in just seven months. Other notable recent purveyors of trap are Rae Sremmurd and even Kendrick Lamar, whose new album Damn shows very clear trap influences.

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Greatest hits: Coldplay’s top five top-selling songs

Coldplay has been rocking the world with its ongoing “A Head Full of Dreams” tour. The band has produced some of the best songs ever written. And its songs have been topping music charts worldwide. Here are the band’s top five biggest hits.

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Paradise (2011) : Paradise has sold over 965,000 copies. When it came out, it immediately seized the number one spot.

Fix you (2005) : One of Coldplay’s signature songs, Fix You sold over 679,000 copies. The song was written by Chris Martin for his then wife Gwyneth Paltrow following the devastating death of her father. The song just hits you right in the feels.

Viva La Vida (2008) : The song sold over 828,000 copies. Viva La Vida also topped the charts for a week.

Princess of China (2012): This one is in collaboration with Rihanna. Martin even claimed to have secretly written it with her in mind. Rihanna performed the song with the band during the closing of the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. The song sold over 565,000 copies.

Yellow (2000) : Another one of the classics. Yellow was Coldplay’s very first top 10 hit. It was the band’s breakthrough song. The song was taken from its debut album Parachutes, which sold over 2.6 million copies. Yellow has sold over 542,000 copies in the U.K. alone.

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Music from the heart: Why you should listen to John Mayer’s ‘The Search for Everything’

Have you listened to the latest John Mayer album? “The Search for Everything” was totally worth the wait. The Grammy-decorated singer-songwriter’s best album yet, “The Search for Everything” was a personal record that cuts straight to the heart. After all, his listeners did not need to have their share of pain to feel how his life breathed into his music.

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Mayer had his fans crazy waiting as he teased with two EPs, “The Search for Everything: Wave One” and “The Search for Everything: Wave Two.” Both EPs had four heartfelt tracks each. The full album was released last April 14.

So, why should you listen to “The Search for Everything?” Aside from its distinct lyrics and beautiful melodies, Mayer did not go wrong with his genre of choice. His was a mix of rock, blues, alternative, and pop that made old fans come back, and new fans expectant.

I personally liked “Still Feel Like Your Man,” the title track for Wave Two. Its feel-good melody went really well with the sad lyrics—something not a lot of songwriters and producers can’t pull off. Whether or not Katy Perry inspired the song, the track is still golden. Mayer’s great storytelling/songwriting skills were also demonstrated in songs like “Rosie” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.” Indeed, John Mayer has returned—or never left.

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Spinning Again: Vinyl’s Comeback

Vinyl records faded into oblivion when compact discs (CDs) flooded the market in the ‘90s, but music connoisseurs and audiophiles held on to their precious 12″ believing that their analog babies will make their sweet comeback eventually. And return they did as vinyl albums outsell digital downloads for the first time. A more recent report even noted that sales of vinyl records in 2016 reached their highest level in 25 years.

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What a remarkable feat indeed for a format that was deemed “dead” by many folks as CDs and eventually digital music captivated music fans all over the world. They can’t be blamed really. With digital music, especially, you can grow your album collection by leaps and bounds with just a few clicks and swipes. You can even conveniently carry your entire music library with you anywhere.

But as collectors of vinyls can attest, digital music doesn’t hold a candle to its analog counterpart. The sound from vinyl records is better, warmer. Even the occasional hissing or crackling sound vinyls are known for adds to the “authenticity” of the record. Plus, the listening experience is more active with vinyl. Fans can literally hug, hold, and admire their favorite singles and albums something that is impossible to do with a digitally curated playlist. Plus, have you seen those refurbished turntables? How cool will that look in your living room, right?

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So, it is not surprising to see 50 and 60-year olds music enthusiasts combing through vintage shops and independent record stores for The Beatles’ debut LP “Please Please Me” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours.” Or their millennial counterparts searching for The White Stripes’ “Elephant” or Weezer’s “The Blue Album.” Call it nostalgia. Call it a trend. I just hear beautiful music.

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