Music from the heart: Why you should listen to John Mayer’s ‘The Search for Everything’

Have you listened to the latest John Mayer album? “The Search for Everything” was totally worth the wait. The Grammy-decorated singer-songwriter’s best album yet, “The Search for Everything” was a personal record that cuts straight to the heart. After all, his listeners did not need to have their share of pain to feel how his life breathed into his music.

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Mayer had his fans crazy waiting as he teased with two EPs, “The Search for Everything: Wave One” and “The Search for Everything: Wave Two.” Both EPs had four heartfelt tracks each. The full album was released last April 14.

So, why should you listen to “The Search for Everything?” Aside from its distinct lyrics and beautiful melodies, Mayer did not go wrong with his genre of choice. His was a mix of rock, blues, alternative, and pop that made old fans come back, and new fans expectant.

I personally liked “Still Feel Like Your Man,” the title track for Wave Two. Its feel-good melody went really well with the sad lyrics—something not a lot of songwriters and producers can’t pull off. Whether or not Katy Perry inspired the song, the track is still golden. Mayer’s great storytelling/songwriting skills were also demonstrated in songs like “Rosie” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.” Indeed, John Mayer has returned—or never left.

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